Let Us Rank You High in Amazon Search and Drive Thousands of Traffic 

(Amazon Ranking Service)

Ranking is crucial to driving more eyeballs to your product listing. 

According to ComScore, THREE TIMES as many buyers search for products to buy on Amazon, rather than Google. Yes, It's the fact !

"we help you to get there in quickest possible time. We know our job. period."

We follow a two-step process to rank the product for appropriate keywords

Step 1. Amazon Listing Optimization

We perform in depth research to find the relevant keywords and optimize your listing. Usually, we do the following-

Identifying Keywords

With the help of our premium keyword tool, we find all the appropriate keywords you should target for that product.

Listing Optimization

We integrate the keywords to seller backend, title, bullet points and product description.  We also track the progress.

Image Optimization

We suggest necessary changes you should make to your images ( if necessary) to make them more attractive. 

Step 2. Ranking the Product

Once the listing optimization is complete, we take all out approach to rank your product high in Amazon-

Review Gathering

We find reputable buyers and offer the product at a discounted price in exchange of their honest review. 


We along with our partners add your products to the wishlist. It passes a ranking signal to Amazon.

Rank Monitoring

We actively monitor the ranking status of your product and send reports to you. We modify our actions as per the result.

Activity on Product Listing

We encourage reviewers to ask a question on your product page. This is another way to increase activity on the  listing.

Negative review monitoring

We monitor the fake or negative reviews on your listing and suppress them asap with the help of no helpful vote.  

Amazon ToC

We are well aware of Amazon policies and all of our activities abide by the terms and conditions of Amazon. 

Silver Package

We rank you anywhere in Top 10

  • We'll work with any of your selected keyword
  • Only 1 keyword allowed per order
  • 2-8 weeks to rank ( Varies from product to product)
  • No Refunds

$499 / keyword

Gold Pakcage

We rank you within Top 3-5

  • You select the keyword.
  • Only 1 keyword allowed per order
  • 4-12 weeks to rank ( Varies from product to product)
  • No refunds

$699/ product


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you guarantee the ranking?

Do you guarantee that the ranking will stick ?

Do you follow Amazon terms and condition?

What if you can't rank me within the time frame?

Do you offer bulk discount?