We take the hassle of finding the right suppliers of your product

(Supplier Finding Service)

We acknowledge that product research is half of the equation. 

The other vital part is to find a suitable supplier for your product. It’s really a daunting task to find a reliable supplier among millions of suppliers in China and all over the world.

"we can take this hassle out of your brain and do the whole task for you."

We follow a two-step filtering process to find the right supplier

Step 1. Basic Supplier Criteria

We approach to the potential suppliers and make a shortlist of potential suppliers based on following criteria-

Gold Supplier

We always find the trusted suppliers and cross check their history. Gold membership is one of those metrics.

Prompt Response

We reach out to multiple suppliers at a time and only keep those who are prompt in response. 

Acceptable English Level

We make sure suppliers have an acceptable level of English skill and understand requirements clearly. 

Step 2. Short Listing Top 3 Suppliers

Once we make our initial list, we then shortlist the top 3 sellers based on following criteria-

Competitive Pricing

We cross match  supplier proposals and only keep those with competitive pricing but offers similar quality.

Quicker Lead Time

Lead time is a major problem. We also screen out suppliers based on lead time and ensure quicker TAT.

Willing to Send Samples

Some suppliers ask for an outrageous fee. We find suppliers who can send sample for free or at a minimal cost.

Accept Low MOQ

We negotiate the MOQ with the suppliers and try to keep it under 500 units for first order to save money. 

Favorable Payment Terms

We make sure suppliers accept a favorable payment term. Usually 50% upfront and rest upon completion. 

Not a Middle Man

We also try to weed out the middle man. We have a screening process to identify and weed out such suppliers.

Download a Sample Report

We send you a neat and clean report showing comparative data from top 3 suppliers. You can have a look at the sample report to get an idea of how it will look like.

Supplier Finding

We Find the top 3 suppliers 

  • Find the top 3 suppliers of the selected product
  • China or USA based suppliers
  • 1 to 3 days turn around time
  • No Refunds

$197 / product

Product & Supplier Finding

We find the suppliers and test product quality

  • We find the product and supplier for you.
  • China based suppliers only
  • 3 to 7 days turn around time
  • No refunds

$449/ product


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you find suppliers from China only?

How do you make sure that I can have a healthy margin ?

Do you provide any guarantee regarding product quality?

How long do you take to complete the process?

Do you calculate packaging and shipping cost as well?