Let us Find Your Next Profitable Amazon Product

(Amazon Product Research Service)

We Know, you are always in the look out for the perfect product.

...but it's not easy to find a product that you can launch confidently. Specially, if you are just starting, I know you have the fear of failure and  losing your money. Thankfully..

"We help you to overcome the fear and jump start your Amazon business by selecting only the best products you can enlist in Amazon. "

We don't select products blindly

There are different ways to look at a product niche. We look at the overall depth of the market.

How We Select a Product?

Our basic criteria to select a product are-

  • Price will be in between 19 to 50 $
  • Easy to ship, light weight.
  • Depth in market. Other people are selling similar item.
  • Do not have size and color variations
  • Product will not be in gated category.
  • Not a seasonal product. 
  • Can be private labelled . (Trademark checked)
  • Potential to sell other products.

But we don't stop there..

We take it a step forward and look at the following things as well-

High Sales, Poor Rating

This is huge opportunity for you to sneak in. Just improve the existing problems and your product will sell.

Chance to Rank in First Page

We try to find the profitable low competition keywords which you can target. Rank high and sale will follow.

Newly Launched, Hot Sale

We make sure it's not an artificial spike. Take advantage of such products and private label your one. 

Trademark Check

We make sure there is no trademark associated with the product. It helps to avoid potential problems in future.

High Margin, Low Sales

Some product has a good margin sourcing cost is high. If you have a budget you can go after those.

Available Suppliers

We also ensure there are available suppliers for your product. You can contact them and select the right one.

Download a Sample Delivery Report

You’ll get a well documented report showing all the details behind selection. Here’s a sample report you can check.


Our Choice

Choose Products as per our criteria

  • All the criteria mentioned above
  • 48 hrs turn around time
  • No revisions. Our decision is final unless you prove us wrong. 
  • No refunds. 

$249 / product

Do it For You

We'll find product as per your criteria

  • Select products as per your requirements
  • 72 hrs turn around time.
  • No revisions. Our decision is final unless you prove us wrong.
  • No refunds

$349/ product


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you offer revision if I dislike the product ?

Do you offer refund?

Do you offer bulk discount?

What’s the turnaround time?

Can you do the research in gated categories?

Do you find suppliers for me?